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on the outskirts of the Schanze

We appreciate your interest and would like to give you an overview of our practice and the services we have to offer.
Like all dentists - keeping your teeth healthy is our main aim. What makes our practice different?  What are our priorities? What is important to us regarding our patients? Every person is unique. We believe that every one would like to recieve treatment tailored to their individual needs, taking into consideration their outlook on life, financial possibilities and age.

We highly esteem the personal contact with you. With this priority in mind we strive to treat you: in a friendly and open manner, while taking your financial possibilities into account, with methods that ensure the maintenance of your hard and soft dental tissues, with minimal discomfort. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you!

We're here for you!

My team

Maike Elste

Practice Management

In 1997 I successfully completed my apprenticeship to attain the qualification of dental nurse in Hamburg. Since 1999 I have been working in this practice. Since qualifying as a dental hygienist, dental hygiene, child and youth prophylaxis as well consultation on dental care belong to my field of operations. These areas are very important to me as I want to help my patients keep their teeth healthy and beautiful as long as possible. For enquiries concerning your treatment or medical insurance matters I am more than happy to be of service, as the day-to-day and general practice management are also under my charge. In order to stay up-to-date with developments in my field I regularly attend trainings and seminars. In my free time I like to undertake fun activities with my daughter, my family and friends.

Sarah Wachsmuth

Dental Nurse Apprentice

I am 19 and started my apprenticeship in Summer 2014. I assist during dental procedures, clean, disinfect, sterilise, sort the instruments and take care of the dental units. I decided to become a dental nurse because I have always been interested in working with people. It makes me so happy to see patients leave our practice with a smile on their faces.

Denise Marinkovic

Dental Nurse Apprentice

I am 17 and started my apprenticeship in September 2015, after an eight week practical in the practice. I aspire to qualify as a dental nurse seeing that I immensely enjoyed working with the patients and with the team in this dental practice during my practical. I have already learned to assist during dental procedures, clean, disinfect, sterilise, sort the instruments and take care of the dental units. My passion is to be of assistance during dental procedures to ensure that the patients are happy to visit our practice again.


From A-Z


Bleaching and veneers. You are sure to keep your beautiful smile!


Patients afraid of visiting the dentist are in the right hands with us. Your fears will be taken seriously with the aim of dissipating them so that your next visit will be with a smile.


Simple surgical procedures – as pain free as possible.


Minimal radiation, for a maximum gain of diagnostic information.


As much as possible we seek to preserve your natural teeth. In an antiseptic environment, we use a dental dam and with the help of hi-tech equipment such as the operational microscope und endometric devices, your root canal treatment is carried out with next to no discomfort.


We treat your teeth using first-class, biocompatible and substance-preserving materials. This insures long term stability and durability of your Fillings.


Minimal-invasive, bone-preserving methods are used to replace missing teeth. This enables continued optimal chewing and sparkling, natural-looking, new teeth.


Bring your children to us as soon as possible! Together we can ensure healthy milk teeth. We help your child learn the best ways to have and keep clean teeth. Through play we show children how much fun brushing teeth can be. The best filling is the one we can do without!


It is estimated that approximately 40% of adults suffer from Periodontitis. Most of them are unaware of their illness. The risk of having a heart attack is twice as high, for a stroke three times as high compared to persons with healthy gums. It starts with an infection; a common symptom is bleeding of the gums. Should this be the case: we diagnose, we explain and we treat so that you are still able to maintain your teeth. By the way, good dental hygiene improves your health and minimises the risk of acquiring dangerous illnesses.


Being really healthy, starts with good oral hygiene. We don’t let a tooth develop an ache. We stress how important dental hygiene is, coupled with effective oral care at home. Optimal dental hygiene is good for your general health, for the success of every dental procedure and for the maintenance of your natural teeth and beautiful smile!


Our emphasis is: Biocompatibility, excellent quality, beautiful aesthetics and durability at reasonable prices.


Individual designs and gems can be fixed to teeth using non-invasive methods.


We go the extra mile.


We provide toothbrush and toothpaste in the practice, so you can brush your teeth prior to your dental appointment.



Should you wish to pay in instalments, it is the possible to do so using our billing services.



Our Aim: Ensuring that your child has pleasant memories of visits to the dentist.


We remind you to come for your routine check-ups. When presented with proof of regular dental check-ups your medical insurance covers a higher amount of the costs.
The recall is not only meant for the bi-annual check-up. It includes the monitoring of your root canal treated teeth, your prosthetics as well as the health of your gums. Regular participation makes you a winner. Beautiful teeth are a treasure for life.

You can decide how you would like to be reminded – the choice is yours. By letter or postcard. By phone call or SMS. By e-mail or appointment-slip.

Do you have any

Should you develop Problems after treatment in our dental practice then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help to find the appropriate solution for you.